270 Pounds

I have lost 10 pounds.  I have 90 more pounds to go.  I can do it.  I lost 10 pounds in two weeks.  I am starting to get used to eating low carb.  I have enough food in the fridge to last me 3 weeks:  cheese, pork, chicken, hot dogs, and eggs.

Free Things To Do In Dallas John F. Kennedy Memorial

Visit Where John F. Kennedy Was Shot To Death By A SniperJohn F. Kennedy Memorial: The John F. Kennedy Memorial was designed by architect Philip Johnson and dedicated in 1970. The “open tomb” style symbolizes the freedom of JFK’s spirit, and gives visitors a space for reflection and remembrance. Within walking distance is Dealey Plaza, the site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. The Plaza has changed very little since then, but a new memorial debuted during the 50th anniversary ceremony in 2013 that is a quote etched in stone from a speech he was set to give that fateful day.
646 Main St
Dallas, TX 75202

Everyone has a gun in Texas.

I give the John F. Kennedy memorial 5/5 cowboy hats:

Nicotine Gum Is Very Addictive And Expensive

Nicotine Gum Is Very Addictive And Expensive I am trying to quit chewing nicotine gum.  It is my final step in quitting cigarettes.  I went from smoking cigarettes, to vaping, to chewing nicotine gum.  Man this gum is addictive as shit.  Today was supposed to be my first day off of the nicotine gum but I found sum gum in my car and used it.  I won't have anymore gum tomorrow.  This shit is addictive.  It gives me the hiccups when I chew it.  CVS is supposed to be helping addicts quit smoking by not selling cigarettes anymore but man this gum is expensive as shit.  I have to bite the bullet and go through the withdrawals.  There is no other way around it.  This sucks.

Priests Chug The Remaining Wine At The End Of Mass

I was not aware that priests have to chug the remaining wine at the end of mass.  I guess it makes sense.  You can't just dump out the blood of Christ into the garbage.  I think the act promotes alcoholism.  In AA we ask God to help us get sober.  Wine is an integral part of mass.  Seems kind of weird to me.  We our expected to drink the wine at church.  Another thing that is weird is that the church is allowed to give wine to children.  Interesting.

274 Pounds

I have lost 6 pounds since I have started my diet last Monday.  The pounds are not dropping as quickly as I would like them to but they are dropping.  I have been going on walks outside for exercise.  I have been walking for 30 minutes a day.  I enjoy it.  I can't believe how sedentary I had become.  Going for a half hour walk gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I like to listen to music when I walk.  I am going to have to be on this diet a long time.  It has gotten easier for me to diet.  I went out to eat with my girlfriend on Sunday and we went to a Mexican restaurant.  When the waiter brought the chips and salsa over to the table I asked her to bring a bowl of salsa to the table for me.  I ate a bowl of salsa with a spoon.  It was pretty good.  We ordered fajitas and I ate all the meat and vegetables that came in the skillet.  I didn't eat any tortillas or chips.  I had probably 4 diet cokes.  I was content after the meal.  That is the key to having a successful diet.  B…

I Am On An 800 Calorie Diet

800 calories is nothing.
1 Scrambled Egg With Peppers
Piece of Chicken
Piece of Chicken
I walk everyday to get my metabolism going.

Can Someone In AA Drink The Wine At Church?

Should A Member Of AA Drink The Blood Of Christ?
I have a sponsee and he has asked me if it is ok to take a sip of wine at mass.  I don't know what to tell him.  He is a little over 1 month sober.  I say only eat the body of Christ and don't drink his blood.  I am Catholic and he isn't Catholic.  He is part of another religion that takes communion at mass.  I didn't know other religions distribute the body and blood of Christ at church.  I want to tell him no don't drink the wine at church.  Why gamble?  That first sip of alcohol could trigger him to relapse.  The word that comes to my mind is temptation.  Is God tempting us to drink at his home?  God is supposed to be on our side.  I don't know what to say to him.  I personally don't like putting my lips on a cup that is shared by other people so I don't do it.  In Catholicism they believe that the wine is physically the blood of Christ and not wine after is has been blessed.  If you believe that the …